The mikvah is available for women every evening by reservation only. To make a private appointment to use the mikvah, email [email protected] or text or Whatsapp Mrs. Bluma Rivkin at 347-564-6525. All information will be kept strictly confidential. 

Mikvah Chaya Mushka is discreetly located behind Chabad House Uptown, 7037 Freret St, New Orleans LA 70118.  There is parking available in a parking lot behind Chabad at 1019 Audubon Street. 

Please consider becoming a Mikvah supporting member. The membership fee is $299 per calendar year and members receive a one-year mikvah pass and a beautiful thank you gift. Click here to become a Supporting Member. 

Pay-As-You-Go fee is $30.00 (cash/check).

Our attendants are volunteers. Please be sure to call at least 2 days ahead of your appointment.
There is a $5 additional fee for same day reservations. 


  May Attendants:

  Day of Week Attendant Name
1 Monday- Mushka Cohen
2 Tuesday-

Sarah Partouche

3 Wednesday- Chaya Mushka
4 Thursday- Malkie Rivkin
5 Friday- Bluma
6 Moetzi Shabbos- Malkie Rivkin
7 Sunday- Chana Hellinger
8 Monday- Mushka Cohen
9 Tuesday-  
10 Wednesday- Chaya Mushka
11 Thursday-

Sarah Partouche

12 Friday-  
13 Moetzi Shabbos- Malkie Rivkin 
14 Sunday- Chana Hellinger
15 Monday- Sarah Partouche 
16 Tuesday- Hannah Hall
17 Wednesday- Chaya Mushka
18 Thursday- Malkie Rivkin 
19 Friday- Bluma
20 Motzei Shabos- Malkie Rivkin 
21 Sunday- Sarah Rivkin 
22 Monday- Mushka Cohen 
23 Tuesday Hannah Hall
24 Wednesday- Mushka Cohen 
25 Thursday- Bluma Shovuos
26 Friday- Bluma Shovuos
27 Motzei Shabbos- Malkie Rivkin 
28 Sunday- Sarah Rivkin 
29 Monday- Mushka Kazen
30 Tuesday- Hannah Hall
31 Wednesday- Mushka Cohen 

For all questions or more information please email [email protected] or text/ whatsapp/ call Bluma Rivkin at 347-564-6525.