A Message from Rabbi Rivkin 

Hurricane Katrina brought vast devastation upon the New Orleans area and caused untold difficulty to the residents of the region. Jewish tradition teaches us to rebuild in the face of adversity, to rededicate ourselves to our community despite difficult challenges. Our obligation is to help one another, to reach out to our neighbor with love, care and compassion.

For over three decades Chabad of Louisiana has served the Jewish community of New Orleans with outreach, education and social service. Our centers and school impact all segments of the community. Now in the aftermath of this terrible event we have committed ourselves to this mission more than ever. Now is the time we must reach out to all in need.

Chabad’s leading role in the rescue and relief efforts in the aftermath of the storm is well documented. I encourage you to peruse the website and learn more about all that was done. We continue to provide assistance to members of the New Orleans community to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our distribution center helped hundreds and cases of goods were sent to shelters in the region. Chabad is playing an important role in rebuilding New Orleans. All of our institutions have reopened, despite significant damage to several facilities. Our volunteer missions helped many with the overwhelming tasks of cleaning and restoration, including the book burial project in which over 5,000 sacred texts were buried. NOW PEOPLE CRAVE NORMALCY. Our programs are an anchor of emotional, psychological and spiritual support to the participants. We distributed hundreds of packages before Purim, Pesach, and Rosh Hashanah. Your support enables us to continue the important work of providing financial, social and religious assistance to the members of the New Orleans community. In doing so, you become our partner in these vital activities and the rebuilding of the New Orleans Jewish community.

We continue to play an important role in the effort to rebuild New Orleans, thereby insuring the continuity of Jewish life in New Orleans and help the general community during this difficult time. If you need assistance please contact us. If you can help us help others please join us in this humanitarian effort by clicking here.

Thank you for your concern and support in this effort. In the merit of your generosity, may G‑d bless you and your loved ones with health and prosperity, and may we all experience the redemption through Moshiach speedily.


Rabbi Zelig Rivkin, Director  
Chabad of Louisiana