Emergency Assistance

The following emergency assistance and crisis-relief efforts have been undertaken by Chabad:

Housing. Immediate lodging/housing for displaced evacuees has been provided in cities surrounding the affected areas – especially Houston, Dallas, Memphis, Little Rock, Birmingham and Tallahassee. These efforts include covering costs of hotel rooms, apartments and houses, as well as the coordination of a boarding and hospitality network.

Provisions. Emergency funds are being provided to evacuees for food, clothing, medicine and basic living necessities and supplies.

Counsel. While the victims have been through an overwhelming ordeal – with enormous challenges yet ahead – it is being made clear to them that they are not alone. Within the Chabad organization, its rabbis and staff, they have friends they can turn to, shoulders to cry on and beneficent resources to tap into. Chabad representatives have also visited the Houston Astrodome and other makeshift shelters to provide comfort and counsel to suffering peoples of all faiths, colors and creeds.

Fatality Response.  In conjunction with other agencies, Chabad has been active in efforts to locate, identify and arrange for proper Jewish burial of those who tragically lost their lives in the disaster.  Unfortunately, the number of such fatalities is continuing to rise. Communication with family regarding location and identification of bodies, as well as bereavement counseling, has been a beyond heart-wrenching endeavor.