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Message to the Edry Family / Practical Mitzvah

Friday, 21 June, 2019 - 11:59 am

This week our community suffered yet another loss with the passing of David Edry. After a brief illness he succumbed on Wednesday evening, returning his soul to his maker. David was a quiet man but always with a wry witticism on the tip of his tongue. He loved his family and was happiest in the nest basking in the warmth of his wife, children and grandchildren, while surrounded by friends. His passing leaves another hole in the Chabad community in general and the Israeli community in particular, who are already reeling from the recent passing of David’s dear friend, Kotel Sadrusi. We express our heartfelt message of comfort and strength to Etty, Sharona, Itay and Gilli along with Luria and Sali. We are here for you in the tough times and G-d willing in the good times.

The sages teach that when a member of a group passes away, the entire group needs to be spurred to examine the areas of their Judaism that could use improvement. It behooves us as a community experiencing a series of tragedies to do the same. Each person as an individual and the community as a whole, must engage in some introspection to see how we can shape things up. Next Sunday (June 30) there will be an inspirational gathering (Farbrengen) at Chabad of Metairie in preparation for Gimmel Tammuz (see below). Let us utilize that opportunity to do some soul searching.

On a practical note, there is a mitzvah opportunity I would like to share with you. A 60 year old Jewish man who I visited in prison several years ago (before he was transferred) is being released to New Orleans in 10 days, after a decade of incarceration. He is being put onto the streets without a single shred of resources or stitch of clothing beyond what he will be wearing. I am trying to help him land on his feet. During his time in prison he has become much more Jewishly aware and observant. He wants live near a Shul so he can daven and keep Shabbos.

I am looking for partners that are willing to help out. We need help in three areas.

1. Gift cards: I want to give him a little bit of breathing space so that he can get into a shelter, purchase some clothing and food until he gets himself settled with a job and place to live. Please contact me about providing either store gift cards or prepaid debit cards to ease his transition.

2. Work: If anyone knows of an employment opportunity that would consider a former inmate please let me know.

3. Housing: If anyone knows of an inexpensive housing option within walking distance of a Shul please let me know.

In the merit of our community’s generosity may Hashem bless each of us with good health, prosperity, and a meaningful life to enjoy it. May this Mitzvah of Tzedakah be the channel for G-d’s blessing to put a stop to the rash of tragedies in our community.

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Mendel Rivkin

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