Mitzvahs and Iodine

Friday, 29 March, 2019 - 1:42 pm

This past Tuesday, Malkie and I were blessed to celebrate the Bas Mitzvah of our daughter Hinda. We appreciate all of those who participated and sent good wishes. We are touched by the happiness expressed by so many on our behalf.

During the event we showed a video clip produced by our family, called “Where in the world is Hinda?” The concept is that Hinda’s siblings were trying to track her down while she was running around doing Mitzvahs. They were always able to discover her tracks because of the traces of light that were left in her wake resulting from the impact of the Mitzvahs. It had plenty of cute and funny moments, but it was really a deep idea.

Proverbs analogizes Mitzvahs as lights. Every Mitzvah brings a positive energy to the world. The trouble is that this energy or light is not visible to the average person. Only someone who has a heightened spiritual sensitivity can detect the light that stems from a Mitzvah. When Moshiach comes then we will all be given the capacity to see the light and energy that ensued from the Mitzvah.

This is idea is reflected in the world of medical diagnostic technology. As some know, I serve at times as a medical interpreter for Israeli patients that come to Ochsner Medical Center for liver transplants. There are many diagnostic imaging tools that are used in the course of medical evaluations and treatments. At times a contrast medium such as iodine will be administered to the patient before an imaging procedure like a CT scan or MRI. The purpose of the contrast is to improve the quality of the image of the body’s internal structure, highlight certain aspects of the anatomy undergoing the imaging, and possibly even block obstructions. When viewed through the instrumentation of the machine, the contrast appears bright and illuminated, allowing for a better diagnostic picture.

However, trying to view the impact of the contrast without the proper instruments is a worthless endeavor. Not to say that the contrast hasn’t done its job. But we simply can’t appreciate its accomplishments when we lack the tools to view the impact.

So every Mitzvah that we do is like injecting positive spiritual contrast into the universe, which, with proper instrumentation can be seen, and its impact appreciated. One day very soon we will all be given the lenses required to perceive the voluminous effect that Mitzvahs have had in illuminating our world with the Light of Hashem.

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Mendel Rivkin

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