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A Twitterful Chanukah

Friday, 11 December, 2015 - 12:38 pm

One of the primary objectives of the Chanukah observances is, to quote our sages, “Pirsumei Nissa – to publicize the miracle” of Chanukah. We do this by lighting a Menorah in a way that is visible to others.

In our generation the Rebbe took this to a new level with the public Chanukah celebrations and Menorah lightings. Millions of Jews around the world along with many non-Jewish people have participated in public Menorah lightings. The Menorahs placed in strategic locations such as highways, bridges, malls, tourist spots and others give the message of Chanukah even more exposure. Menorahs mounted on cars that drive around all over towns and cities throughout the world is another way of bringing this message to more and more people. With the advent of social media, Pirsumei Nissa has exploded in unprecedented fashion. Posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. abound with photos of people lighting their Chanukah candles and Chanukah events. The #sharethelights campaign has reached over two million people this Chanukah.

Then there are the things that we are not even aware of… Yesterday someone forwarded a tweet that some random New Orleanian posted about my car and its Menorah. It included a picture of my Ford Police Interceptor with the Menorah at the corner of Claiborne and Broadway with the caption, “Ford Menorah.” Which evoked a couple of comments from others who had seen the car around the neighborhood including one guy who quipped, “Maccabee mobile to the rescue.” The entire exchange can be seen here -

I am sure this is one of many social media posts that don’t even cross the Jewish radar screen but are taking Pirsumei Nissa to heights that are unimaginable. Who could have conceived of this type of “spreading the message” 2,300 when Chanukah and its observances was established.

Next week, G-d willing, I will give a full recap on Chanukah 2015 with Chabad. Some photos are available for viewing at

Chabad Metairie photos at Chabad Baton Rouge at Chabad Biloxi at

Happy remainder of Chanukah and Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Mendel Rivkin

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