Purim Recap and Photos

Friday, 1 March, 2013 - 1:42 pm

With Purim 2013 in the back window we can take a moment to look back at Chabad’s holiday events. On Saturday night Chabad Uptown moved back to Freret St. in what was billed as a soft opening - moving in for Purim without really moving in completely. It was a chance for folks to preview the new building – with a Megillah reading and Purim party being held in the Shul itself. The sheer joy of being back was evident on everyone’s faces. Even those that had never been to Chabad before the construction were commenting on the features of the new facility. Many shared a L’chaim and warm wishes for the new Chabad House.


Chabad Metairie also held a Megillah reading and Purim party at the same time with a good crowd and good time.

For an encore the new facility hosted a Purim brunch for Young professionals that featured great food, a Megillah reading, a performance by Matt Berman and a Pub Quiz. Purim Judge Miranda Larsen lent an air of authenticity to the competition with her official robes and pronouncements while quizmaster Alan Tarrab fired his question at the three teams, the Jew-Dats, the Persians and the Hamantashen. The Persians won collecting their prize – an 18 pack of beer. In true New Orleans fashion, the judge was bribed with an open bottle of vodka and shalach manos packages that she was openly soliciting.

Throughout the day the Megillah was read all over town including at Lambeth House, on Canal St and in Metairie.

The grand Purim event was A Rockin’ Moroccan Purim held at Chabad Metairie. The room was completely transformed into a middle-eastern Casbah, complete with draperies, thrones, henna stations, and much more. The Moroccan food was “knock your socks off” good and the music by Yossi Nahmias was off the charts. Nearly 200 people were rockin’ away to the music for hours on end. A wonderful children’s program was being held in another room so the adults could really enjoy the Purim atmosphere. A masquerade for adults drew many people forward to declare their costume – the winners – Queen Vashti, Mysterio the Conjurer, and a Moroccan Queen Elizabeth. A lot of work by many members of the community went into making this event a success. All of the Shluchim of Chabad of Louisiana thank the individuals who invested so much effort!

For a full pictorial review: More photos can be seen at and

Very early Monday morning Malkie and I were off to NY along with several other members of the community to participate in the wedding of Harry and Tova Borowski. It was a wonderful wedding and we wish Harry and Tova a life of happiness and fulfillment in every way possible. We welcome the new branch of the Jewish people!

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Mendel Rivkin


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