Putting a bow on 2012

Thursday, 27 December, 2012 - 11:49 pm

A man was walking down the street in Israel and encountered a fruit tree whose branches were hanging over the fence of the orchard. He picks a fruit, recites the blessing and begins to eat. All of a sudden the owner comes running and screams, “sir, don’t you know that Torah says ‘you shall not steal’?” The man smiles and declares, “ah, Israel, such a wonderful land… you can enjoy a good fruit and hear a dvar Torah at the same time.”

In a similar vein, America is a wonderful country. When you give Tzedakah, not only do you get a Mitzvah, you get a tax deduction at the same time (though some of those rules may change in 2013). When your Tzedakah is given to Chabad you also benefit from knowing that your contribution will efficiently utilized, maximizing the application of those funds for local programming with minimal overhead costs.

Clearly we are living in difficult economic times. Finances are tighter than ever for all of us. I know first-hand that many of us are making less while everything is costing more.

Chabad of Louisiana depends on charitable contributions from individuals and corporations to cover our budget. We do not receive any funding from Chabad nationally nor do we send any funding to our national organization. Every dollar raised here stays here.

I turn to you, my dear friends and community, for help at this time. Please do the best you can for us so that we can continue offering our vital educational and social programs to the New Orleans community and region. We have been responsible, and extremely watchful of every dollar spent. Chabad has always been known for stretching a dollar and we are now stretching that same dollar to new tensions. We need you! There are just a few days left. Please go to and make a year-end contribution.

Please G-d, together we will get through these challenging times and once again enjoy prosperity and success. May you and your loved ones be showered with Hashem's blessings for all that is good and joyous. Thank you for your friendship and support.

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Mendel Rivkin


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