Purim Recap and Photos

Friday, 25 March, 2011 - 3:49 pm

We are coming off of an amazing Purim and I would like to share some highlights with you. You can also click on the photos below and be taken to our Photo Gallery or go to On Saturday night we had the Megillah reading in both Chabad Uptown and Metairie. After the reading of the Megillah, during the party, a satirical comedy video, produced by Shane Schreiber, was shown. To see the video click here.

In the morning after the Megillah reading the Purim Shuttle got into full swing with an army of volunteers. I would like to thank Ahava Lang along with Eitan and the family for their dedication to the Purim Shuttle. I also want to thank the volunteers who helped assmble and deliver. Marcy Fertel, Ksenia Borowski, Rivkah Kehaty, Rabbi Zelig & Bluma Rivkin, Mali Karni, Tamar Markovich, Toni Weiss, Dr. David Kaufmann, Morris Lew & crew, Mushka Rivkin & crew, Brooke Weiss, Judy Newman, Mazal Avitan, Bleama Schaffer, Sharon & Myron Katz, Jill Halpern, Dimitry Lukashov & crew and Shane Schreiber.

We have been receiving beautiful feedback from so many people about this wonderful project. It has really accomplished its goal of friendship and brotherhood as the Megillah states.

Throughout the day there were Megillah readings around town. I had the pleasure of spending some time at Ochsner Hospital with our new-found friends, Shmuel and Avia Katz along with our newer-found friends Yehudah and Matan Peretz. My son Sholom and Daniel Gale accompanied me. We read the Megillah in Yehudah's hospital room and then Daniel broke out his fiddle and started an impromptu Kumzitz. Nurses were coming from all over the floor to clap along and celebrate Purim with Yehudah and his son. It was real sense of bringing Purim joy to a place that was otherwise quite somber. You can see some photos from the room in the gallery compliments of Avia Katz.

Purim evening brought the Purim Pirates celebration at Chabad Metairie. A talented team of volunteers headed by Rodney Alcerro and Shane Schreiber transformed Chabad Center into a Pirate themed area. A massive Pirate Ship was front and center. All of the food stations had pirate themed signage. Pirates of all sorts converged upon the party. A costume contest was held and 6 great prizes were awarded to the best dressed adults. The Panorama Jazz Band put on a show worthy of their name. The food and drink were plentiful and delicious. The children were entertained at their own program by Chana Vidal & Shoshi Biggs allowing the adults to have a great time!

Speaking of children's programs, Chaya Inglis, who was one of the youth coordinators at Chabad Metairie last year, gets a big Mazel Tov upon her engagement to Zalmy Wolfe of New York.  

We also wish a hearty Mazel tov to Michele and Adam Stross upon the Upsherin of their son Aaron this week. May they continue to derive much joy and nachas in raising him.

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