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Friday, 18 February, 2011 - 12:25 pm

Continuing last week's theme of joy in a double Adar, there is an interesting discussion in Jewish law regarding today's Hebrew date, the 14th of Adar I. Were this a regular year, we would be celebrating Purim today. Since it is a leap year, Purim is still a month away. However since this is the Purim day of Adar I, it is recommended to increase in our joy because of the association.

The discussion then moves on to tomorrow's date, the 15th of Adar I. In a regular year Adar 15 is called Shushan Purim. What about the 15th of Adar I? The great Halachic authority Rema - Rabbi Moshe Isserlin - maintains, that we should err on the side of joy, and he cites the verse from Proverbs, "A good hearted individual is always joyous." I think the New Orleans adaptation of that verse is "Laissez le bon temps roulez - let the good times roll." Since we are 30 day out from Purim it is definitely time to ramp it up! 

Speaking of good times... Over 50 ladies enjoyed a great time this past Sunday at the Taste of Spa for Body & Soul. It took place at Rital Olmo's Lower Garden District B&B, Fairchild House. Master event planner, Tammy Polatsek, who was in town to work on the set of the film Twighlight IV, created a beautiful environment, along with the committee, Malkie Rivkin, Sarah Fuchs, Michele Kaufmann, Jen Sachs, Ksenia Borowski and Batel Sharon. Many others contributed to the success of this event including, Malka Lew, Mali Karni, Alan Krilov, Rivka Kehaty and Bluma Rivkin.

In addition to food and relaxation, there were all kinds of activities. Aromatherapy, accupuncture, hair, make-up and waxing, Havdala candle making, henna tatooing, herb and spice creations, image and color consultation, Jewish birthdays, old-fashioned costumes, music, and yoga.

There were also a series of stunning Mitzvah displays: Kosher, Shabbat, Mezuzah, Mikvah and Tzedaka. After two hours of activities everyone gathered in the Breakfast room for the closing remarks and prizes. A great selection of prizes, gift certificates and gift packages were awarded to the winners.

Here are tidbits from the feedback received following the program. "The program was really amazing! Set up in such a beautiful, organized way and everything looked gorgeous. Everyone who came felt very special.  Even at 5:30 people were not in a rush to leave. Rita was charming and the venue was perfect!  The women loved the food and kept being drawn back to it."

"The setting was great and there were such interesting things to do in every corner!!  We have a lot of talented women in New Orleans!  The mitzvah displays were so well done. Thanks for a an inspiring and enjoyable day Sunday!"

"Thank you for including me. It was a joy and a pleasure to be involved in such a special program exclusively for women. The joy and the smiles on all the friendly faces were a welcome sight. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed this very much."

Click on the pictures below to see dozens of photos from the event. You can also view them at

The Jewish Women's Circle, a project of Chabad of Louisiana, looks forward to more special events for the Jewish women of New Orleans.

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