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STILL Cradled in Hashem's Hands

Friday, 13 March, 2020 - 2:01 pm


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Two weeks ago in this forum there was an essay entitled, Cradled in Hashem’s Hands - The chaos and panic has only increased in the last two weeks. The COVID 19 situation is fluid and is constantly evolving. People’s panicked reactions are inevitable in our society.

There is a passage in the Talmud Sotah that describes a state of chaos in the world that will take place at the end of exile. The conclusion there is “And upon what is there for us to rely? Only upon our Father in heaven.” Now more than ever must we remember that we are STILL cradled in Hashem’s hands.

I want to share a poem entitled Beyond, which my daughter Sara wrote two nights ago in relation to what is going on in the world.

Chaos, Confusion
A world in disarray nobody knows if they're coming or going
Nobody knows if the plans they made today will be going through tomorrow
Your mind is spinning you in circles
Confusion, Chaos

When you've told your family and friends and colleagues it’s not new-
They have heard it too.
Are hearing it.
Are living it.
Are telling it.
Their minds are spinning them in circles just like you.
Confusion, Chaos

A world where the price to live has shot up until the skies
Skies are closed to travelers, nobody cares if you have loved ones
Just stay away from me.
Separation, Quarantine

When you look to the left to the right for guidance, for knowledge
Everyone looking right and left until we stare each other in the face.
No one is immune

The virus doesn't care black or white, your occupation
Your religion, your country, there's no discrimination
If you are healthy or sick
The greatest expert in disease is as at risk as a beggar on the street.
And when you've come to the top in search for answers all you do is stare into a face just as unsure as your own.
And the walls crash down around you. No support. No answers. You might fall.
Confusing, Chaotic, Quarantine, Isolation.
You are on your own.

The world is more than 4 directions
There is to be found another dimension.
I don't control now, I never did, never will.
The plans that I planned, the places I've been, were You working through me
You work through me still
There is a break from the cycle of my mind that spins me around in circles.

When the world that I leaned on
Won’t hold up anymore
I won't fall - I have You.
To deny a higher power
Is to survive a life of isolation, quarantine with only your mind spinning you in circles.
But survival's not enough - I want to live

We ignored and filled space
We chased with nothing to chase
Walls are down, chaos reigns
The world that had no place for You is now empty, quarantined.
There is room for Your light, an answer

There is healing of soul.
I'm at peace for I know
If it’s not in my hands
I don't need to fight
I need not look left and right
But beyond.

Shabbat Shalom – May it be a Sabbath of Peace and Tranquility for all!
Rabbi Mendel Rivkin

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