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Thursday, 13 December, 2018 - 3:56 pm

Before I give you a recap of Chanukah 2018 with Chabad of Louisiana, I would to share a reflection. One of the themes of Chanukah (and a reason it has such broad popular appeal) is Pirsumei Nissa – the obligation to publicize the miracle. This is why we have the public celebrations and Menorah lightings. In the blessings before the lighting we use the phrase “bayamim haheim, bizman hazeh” – in those days at this time. A Chasidic application of the words at this time is that we are referring not only to this time of the year but also to this time in history, namely our current days.

A miracle that is happening bizman hazeh – in this time, is the fact that so many Jews are uplifted and inspired upon beholding the Chanukah lights. Driving around with the Menorah on the roof of my car, I saw hundreds of people brighten up and even take photos when seeing the Menorah. I was personally told this Chanukah by several people, how meaningful it is for them to see the Chanukah candles and how it fills with them with a sense of purposeful Jewishness. Watching people during the lighting ceremony at the Riverwalk and seeing how it moves them is also a special experience.

Olive Press Craft Workshop: The Olive Press was presented at Temple Sinai, Chabad of Southern Mississippi, Gates of Prayer, Woldenberg Village and Temple Bnei Israel (Baton Rouge). Over 100 children and adults participated.

Sunday, Dec 2:

Chanukah @ Riverwalk – With the blessing of good weather from above, over 500 turned out this year’s event, which was back at the Spanish Plaza overlooking the Mississippi River. Activities and amenities included the Latke Bar, Kosher Cajun, Children’s Dreidel Activity House, Face painting, Info Booth, George the Juggler, and music by Ooh Lala. The ceremony was featured greetings by David Sinkman (MC), Councilman Joe Giarrusso, Frank Quinn (Riverwalk), Henry Miller (Federation), Dr. Sue Fielkow, and Rabbi Zelig Rivkin. A special intro to the lighting was presented by Rabbi Mendel Rivkin along with seven others who spoke in six languages about the power of light. A link to the video can be seen at The Menorah was lit by Dr. Eitan Lang with Berry Silver singing the blessings.

Chanukah at the Capitol Chabad of Baton Rouge held another successful Menorah lighting at the Louisiana State Capitol with over 120 in attendance. Special features included the Firetruck Gelt Drop. Later in the week a Top Chef Latke Cookoff was held as well.

Monday, Dec 3:

Menorah Lighting Tulane Quad – Students took a break from studying to attend the Menorah lighting in front the LBC. Throughout the week many lightings were held all around campus with hundreds of students participating.

Israeli Chanukah Party Chabad Metairie hosted a well-attended party for Israelis with Menorah Lighting, BBQ, music and fun for all ages.

Menorah at Lakeside – The electric Menorah was lit at Lakeside Shopping center throughout Chanukah under the auspices of Chabad Metairie.

Tuesday, Dec 4: Party for Young Professionals – An informal party at the home of Rabbi Mendel & Malkie Rivkin. Menorah lighting, dreidel trivia game, dinner and drinks.

Wednesday, Dec 5: Chanukah @ Lambeth House – A Chanukah party and Menorah lighting was held at Lambeth House.

Thursday, Dec 6:

Chanukah @ VA – A meaningful Menorah lighting ceremony was conducted by Rabbi Mendel Ceitlin at the VA hospital.

Menorah Workshop @ Home Depot – Menorah building workshop by Chabad Metairie.

Visit to Oakdale Federal Prison Complex

Saturday, Dec 8: Mobile Menorah Parade – A parade of 15 vehicles and a decorated party bus rolled through the streets of NOLA bringing Chanukah music and spirit to those walking through, Uptown, Downtown, French Quarter and the Marigny.

Sunday, Dec 9: Chanukah in Biloxi – A Menorah lighting and Chanukah celebration was held at Edgewater Mall featuring talks by Rabbi Akiva Hall and the Mayor of Biloxi.

Videos of the Riverwalk ceremony and TV interviews can be seen at

Photos of the Chabad Uptown programs can be seen at

Photos of the Chabad Metairie programs can be seen at

Photos and videos of the Chabad Baton Rouge programs can be seen at  

Photos of Chabad of Southern Mississippi programs can be seen at

Photos of Tulane Chabad programs can be seen at

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Mendel Rivkin

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