The Greatest Moment in History

Friday, 10 June, 2016 - 10:57 am

Another terrorist attack with the same predictable reactions in Gaza and around the world. The usual media outlets misrepresent the terror. The usual suspects express their outrage at the attack and at the reactions while other usual suspects play the blame game and determine that Israel is responsible. In the meantime Jewish blood has been spilled and we have become desensitized to it to some degree. We must be forceful in our assertions that there is no excuse or place for this kind of behavior. People that are involved in terror activities against our people must be dealt with accordingly so that it is understood that Jewish blood is not cheap. Furthermore we must cry out to Hashem to put this exile out of its misery so that no people will have to experience this ever again.

On a more cheerful note… If you were asked to identify the most important and momentous event in world history, what would you say?

I would argue that the single event that had the greatest impact on the trajectory of the world and humanity, is the event we are commemorating this weekend – revelation at Sinai and the giving of the Torah. I believe this is true on a number of levels. To name a few…

Firstly the Torah and its principles have shaped many societies since then. On the flipside the morality and conscience represented by the Torah is also one of the most resented aspects in history – one that has been the fodder for much persecution of our people.

In addition that moment at Sinai gave the Jewish people their eternality – a notion at which people continue to marvel until this very day.

Perhaps the most profound reason is that revelation at Sinai empowered human beings with divine force and the ability to reach for the infinite. When G-d spoke to the people of Israel and gave them the Mitzvot, He was providing them with the means of bridging the gap between finite and infinite. A Mitzvah gives the Jew the potential to connect with G-d and transform the world.

This process has been ongoing for 3,328 years. We are getting ready to complete this process and move over the threshold of Redemption. This Shavuot, as we re-experience that historic occasion, let us hope that we can very soon move to phase two, the era of redemption for all of existence.

Hope to see you all in Shul for the reading of the Ten Commandments!! Children who will be at Chabad Uptown will be enjoying the new collection of books and bookshelf dedicated by Mendel & Freida Kehaty in loving memory of Nadiv Kehaty.

Our heartfelt condolences to the Berman family over the untimely passing of Saul Berman.

To paraphrase the Rebbe’s customary Shavuot greeting – May we experience the receiving of the Torah in a joyous, meaningful and transformative manner.

Rabbi Mendel Rivkin

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