Purim Recap

Friday, 6 March, 2015 - 11:02 am

Dear Friends,

I have come to the conclusion that New Orleans is a pretty special place to be for Purim. The city was rocking on Purim eve with parties and events all over town that were well attended. Themed parties, second lines, good music and refreshments seem to bring our Jewish brethren out of the woodwork for this fun holiday.

At Chabad Uptown 120 people packed in for the Megillah reading and the party that followed. Great food and the music by Shawn Mirpuri of Ooh Lala really enhanced the celebration. The slide show using Chabad locals as the characters of the Purim story was also a hit. An awesome children’s program rounded off a great evening. Another 15 people came by for a late-hit Megillah reading after the party was over. Thank you to the volunteers, sponsors and all those that made it happen! Chabad Metairie had a party with along with Megillah reading as well as two more late-hit Megillah readings for folks that could not make the earlier one. (Photos below.)

Following morning services and Megillah reading – the Purim Shuttle delivery services delivered 250(!!) packages all throughout the NOLA metro area. Thank you to the amazing volunteers who braved the cold and wind to bring Purim cheer to so many in our community. A wonderful team of volunteers also helped assemble the packages. (Photos below.)

Megillah readings were held all day at Chabad Metairie and Chabad Student Center. A Purim party at Lambeth House was held with 25 residents, family and staff in attendance. Following the Megillah reading Hamantashen and refreshments were enjoyed by all courtesy of Chaplain Kathleen Bertin.

In the French Quarter at David Antiques another Megillah reading was held bringing Jews from all over downtown to observe this Purim tradition.

Chabad on the Gulf Coast had a lovely joint Megillah reading with Beth Israel of Gulfport and then Rabbi Akiva and Hannah Hall hosted a Purim celebration in their home on Purim day.

For the first time Chabad offered some Purim activities in Baton Rouge, with Megillah readings, and Purim visits by Rabbi Peretz and Mushka Kazen, who will be establishing a Chabad presence in the capital city later this year.

Chabad of Louisiana’s grand Purim celebration – Purim A Paris was held at Chabad Metairie on Purim day with over 200 people in attendance. The food, décor, and music by Ben Schenk’s Panorama Jazz Band all created an amazing atmosphere. Creative Parisian themed costunes were observed all through the room. There were a fair share of mimes, painters, musicians and even a group that dressed as French’s mustard bottles. A smashingly successful children’s program kept the kids happy while the adults were having a great time. Once again thank you to all of those that helped make the party a great one. (Photos next week.)

Wishing you a Happy Shushan Purim and a good Shabbos!
Rabbi Mendel Rivkin

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