It takes a Shtetl

Friday, 24 October, 2014 - 11:41 am

The holidays are over and we should take a moment to reflect before diving into our regular scheduled obligations and launch new initiatives. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people whose efforts, individual and collective, contributed to a wonderful season of Jewish holidays for Chabad Uptown. “It takes a Shtetl.” I am sure Chabad Metairie and every other congregation feels the same about those who participated in their offerings.

Thank G-d we had wonderful participation in all of the services and activities throughout the month.

First and foremost I want to thank each and every individual that participated in any of our holiday services, events or activities. J_daism is certainly not the same without U. For that matter, neither is Comm_nity.

I want to thank my fellow Shluchim at Chabad uptown, Rabbi Zelig and Bluma Rivkin, Dr. David and Nechama Kaufmann and my wife Malkie and families for investing the effort required at every step in making the Chabad experience the wonderful one that it is.

I also want to thank all of our donors and specifically the sponsors of our holidays programs and events: Toby and Nadiv Kehaty, Marsha and Lane Halteman, Marilyn and Morris Brum, Paula and Allen Samuels, Sharon and Myron Katz, Tere Vives, Jon Powell, Malka and Morris Lew, Rivkah and Uzzi Kehaty, Esther and Gershon Schreiber, Elaine and George Haas, Chaya Sara and Saadya Kaufmann. A special thank you to all who pledged to Chabad for the holiday Aliyas.

There were many people that helped out in numerous ways. I am going to risk omitting some of you and for that I ask your forgiveness in advance. Our appreciation is extended to:
Sion Daneshrad for polishing our Torah crown and repairing the washing cups. Ruth Navarre, Jennie Jay, Tess Cherlin and Peter Seltzer for the help with the Rosh Hashanah Friendship project. Adam Stross for assisting with the Shofar Factory. Evelyn Rodos for the beautiful benches on the porch. Kotel Sadrusi and Yisrael Seidenfeld for the wonderful tile on the porch. Sholom Rivkin for setting up the high holiday prayer books. Eli Lew and Max Chiz for manning the bima. Saadya Kaufmann for being the Chazan. Saul and Raquel Hakim for bringing flowers to the Shul. Adam Stross and crew for the Lambeth House Shofar visit. Demaris Kurall and Veronica, Letti, Jami and Leila for assisting with every holiday event. Mushka and Sara Rivkin for the children’s program. Hallie, Katie, Sasha, Sydney for the babysitting. Peter Feirman, Moshe Shargian, Rotem Dahan, Mendel Kehaty, Yisrael Seidenfeld and Uzzi Kehaty for S’chach. Avi Fine for the Sukkah Mobile.  

Ben Schenck and Panorama Jazz Band for the SukkahFest performance under challenging circumstances. Mendel Kehaty and Rivkin crew and all of the other volunteers at Sukkah-Fest. Joel Brown and Linda Waknin for their contributions to Sukkah-Fest. Peter Seltzer for help with the Sukkah. Tova and Zalman Borowski for delivering the Hoshaanos. Saadya Kaufmann, Kotel Sadrusi, and Michael Makovi for providing extra special Simchat Torah Refreshments.

Our final thank you is to all of you who came to dance and celebrate in many ways on Simchat Torah. Special thanks to the students of Chabad @ Tulane for making our Simchat Torah more lively.

May we draw on the blessings and inspiration of the Holiday month to live meaningful lives for the rest of the year.

Over the past month we had some happy and sad news in our community. We mourn the passing of our beloved Haim Dahan, a man who loved Jews, Judaism and the land of Israel. Haim helped so many people in his unassuming manner and he was an integral part of the Chabad community of greater New Orleans. Our condolences to Debbie, Rotem and Pazit and their families.

Our condolences to Susan Levin and her family upon the passing of her father, Joseph Cohen. We know you will take comfort in his full and meaningful life.

Just this week our community lost Dr. Stan Bleich, a legendary physician and close friend and supporter of Chabad. Dr. Bleich and his wife Caron, may she live and be well, were honorees at Chabad’s 25th anniversary dinner in 2000. Dr. Bleich was also a Rofeh Yedid (a doctor who is a friend) for many members of the community. Our heartfelt condolences to Caron, Lauren, Steven, Jeremy and their families.  

On a happy note, Mazel Tov to Rabbi Zelig and Bluma upon the birth of grandsons to Yosef and Binie Rivkin and Hinda and Shlom Pinson. Mazel Tov to Dr. David and Nechama Kaufmann upon the birth of a grandson to Chaya and Berry Silver.

Mazel Tov to Joel Brown and the entire family upon the engagement of Ruth Brown to Shaya Weinstein.

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Mendel Rivkin

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