Sinai and the Antitrust Issue

Thursday, 22 May, 2014 - 5:52 pm

The Torah was given nearly 3,326 years ago on Mt. Sinai, a mountain in the middle of a barren desert. One may ask why Hashem did not choose a more comfortable venue for this great Revelation. You would think that with His good connections and credit he could have booked all 3 million Jews into a beautiful resort in the Riviera or Dubai. He could have had a stadium built in Midtown Manhattan for the big event. He could have had His event planners develop a cruise ship large enough for the occasion. How about somewhere in Israel? Of all the places to give the Torah, the desert is the least desirable option that comes to mind. So why indeed did the Omnipotent G-d “settle” for such a lowly venue?

The selection of the desert venue teaches us that nobody has a monopoly on the Torah. No one type of person can claim to have greater ownership over the Torah more than another. It is not a “city” Torah any more than a “country” Torah. There is no corporate, academic, political or social affiliation needed. In fact the Torah belongs to every Jew equally from Moses to a newborn baby. Rich, poor, educated, simple, adult, child, Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western, Sefardi, Ashkenazi etc., etc. – every Jew without exception has an unequivocal right to the Torah.

So now that you know that the Torah is yours, what are you waiting for? Claim your rightful treasure and start making the most of it! On Shavuot we celebrate the giving of the Torah. Join Chabad at either location for the Shavuot events. There will be all-night learning on Tuesday, June 3. The reading of the Ten Commandments and Dairy Kiddush Lunch on June 4. Stay tuned for exact times and other details. Monopoly is a good board game, but when it comes to Torah it belongs to us all!

As a preparation for Shavuot, there will be a Kabbala & Dinner for Young Jewish Professionals thisThursday, May 29 @ 7:30 PM – Chabad Uptown. This month’s topic: Celebrity Boxing: Moses vs. The Angles. For more info:

Mazal Tov to Mitio Rothstein (formerly of New Orleans) and Jesse Katz upon their marriage past Sunday in Israel. We wish them a wonderful and meaningful life together in good health, happiness and prosperity.

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Mendel Rivkin

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