From Purim to Pesach! Recap & Photos

Friday, 21 March, 2014 - 12:25 pm

We are coming off an action packed Purim that had many fun events and activities. In an ironic and humorous twist, G-d arranged that as soon as we wake up the morning after Purim, we move full steam ahead into Pesach mode. In fact there is an Halachic ramification to this. When determining which of the two leap year Adars would be the main one, in which Purim was celebrated, our sages designated the second because it is closer to Pesach. This is in the spirit of celebrating one salvation in close proximity to another. It sounds nice on paper, but putting the most “chametzy” holiday (Purim) right before the holiday in which chametz is forbidden (Pesach) is a nice challenge.

I would like to recap some of the Purim highlights.

·         Purim Shuttle: 260 Purim Packages for the Chabad Purim Shuttle Fundraiser were packed and delivered by a team of dedicated volunteers. Photos @

·         Purim Night – Megillah Reading & Purim Bash: Both Chabad House and Chabad Center hosted large crowds for the Megillah Reading. Over 100 people came to Chabad House to hear the Megillah/Havdalah ceremony and to celebrate to the music of Daniel Gale and his Cajun/Zydeco ensemble out of Lafayette. A power-point featuring members of the community as the Purim story characters was playing during the reading. Photos @ Chabad Metairie had a well-received Masquerade where people were encouraged to dress like another member of the community.

·         Purim Day: In addition to the Megillah readings in Shul, there were several other events. A Megillah reading at Lambeth House together with some Purim music and cheer. Photos @ Chabad had a booth at the Adloyadah. There was Megillah reading at David’s Antiques in the French Quarter.

·         Purim in the Far East: Chabad Metairie was transformed with a Far East theme. A pagoda palace for Achashverosh and Haman leading Mordechai on a rickshaw are just a few of the ideas. An out-of-this-world Far East menu, the music of the Kol Dodi band and a children’s program kept the crowd of over 200 happy for hours. Photos @

Please see our upcoming events schedule for a host of Passover related programs getting underway next week.

Mazel tov to Uzzi and Rivka Kehaty upon the birth of a grandson to Talor and Avi Fine.

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Mendel Rivkin

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