A New Orleans Tradition Goes Untraditional

Thursday, 29 November, 2012 - 4:29 pm

After 22 successful years at the Riverwalk, Chabad’s Grand Menorah Lighting is moving to a new venue. The event, which draws several hundred to over 1,000 participants, has long become a true community wide Chanukah celebration. Mayors, members of congress and state legislators have attended. The annual New Orleans Chanukah celebration was nationally featured in print and visual media as well as by a theme park seeking to depict American holiday traditions.

The beautiful background of the Mississippi, the bridge and the riverboats made for a picturesque setting and the event was eagerly anticipated by hundreds every year. However weather and parking challenges propelled Chabad to seek an alternative venue.

We excited to announce that the annual Grand Menorah Lighting will now be known as CHANUKAH @ LAKESIDE. Scheduled for Tuesday, December 11 5:30-7 PM, this year’s Menorah lighting celebration will take place near the Pottery Barn entrance of the mall. In addition to the traditional Menorah lighting, Latke bar, dreidel and gelt distribution and kid’s craft, this year’s event will feature a magic show by Mentally Hyp’s Paul Carpenter, an opportunity to compose letters to IDF soldiers, a hollow Menorah to be filled with Tzedakah for Hurricane Sandy and Southern Israel victims, and the all new Chabad NOLA Chanukah medallion presented by Mardi Gras Zone. Chanukah @ Lakeside is also rain proof and provides ample free parking, a win-win for all.

Chabad of Louisiana is very grateful to Lakeside Shopping Center for hosting the Chanukah @ Lakeside. Special thanks to Marketing Director, David Colomb for his assistance with this effort.

Please come join us in our new location as we celebrate together with an 11ft Menorah, 1000 latkes, hundreds of Chanukah beads, and, with your help, hundreds of friends and community members. Look out for the Chanukah @ Lakeside email and the Chanukah @ Lakeside Facebook event and postings.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom and happy Chanukah preparations.
Rabbi Mendel Rivkin

Comments on: A New Orleans Tradition Goes Untraditional

Barry wrote...

We could walk to the riverwalk,
now we should schlep to metry?

Chana wrote...

Riverwalk may have presented challenges but... It is a beautiful setting - the G-d given beauty of the river with the open sky above us. Channukah dominated the space. Sadly, at Lakeside the Christmas theme will be competing, in its oppressive pervasive way. And. Te parking lot is already packed with holiday shoppers cars (and it isn't our holiday that they are shopping for). I hope we find oourselvees next Channukah back at Riverwwalk with all its challenges. After Channukah is about a miracle in the face of a challenge.

ALAN wrote...

As you schlep to Metairie, try reflecting on the Miracle and the true meaning of Chanukah, but not while driving. However, if it gets too intense, pull over and share your thoughts w/ your local Rabbi or friend.

Louis wrote...

Perhaps when the Riverwalk Marketplace plan to become more upscale is realized the Chanukah celebration can move back to its origin in New Orleans. The crowds attracted to Spanish Plaza certainly seemed happy in the past, but I realize shopping before or after the lighting of the candles is a good draw, too!