A weekend of recharging batteries

Thursday, 8 November, 2012 - 4:24 pm

As you read this, I will, G-d willing, be in New York attending the annual conference of Chabad Shluchim. It is a very powerful experience that brings with it a sense of rejuvenation. It is a weekend with thousands of colleagues - each coming from their place in the world - to spend time together with each other in the Rebbe's shul, visiting the Rebbe's Ohel and networking for ideas and inspiration.

Chabad can be found in almost every corner of the world, making Shluchim a very powerful army. One the most poignant moments of the gathering, is standing together as a group at the Rebbe’s Ohel. It is simultaneously humbling and empowering. On one hand, there is a real sense of reporting for duty. Coupled with that is the feeling of sharing the burden of the challenges that each Shliach faces and the blessing of strength that comes from the Rebbe to every one of us.

The highlight of the program is the Banquet, which brings over 4,000 of us together. This year due to Hurricane Sandy the logistics have been more difficult and the venue had to be moved – but it will still be a great event. It can be viewed live on Sunday evening beginning at 5 The gathering will be addressed by, among others, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, Former Chief Rabbi of Israel. I hope to be able to report on it to you next week.

I am very gratified by the response from our local community to the Hurricane Sandy Relief effort appeal. As of last Monday, over $100,000 had been distributed to people in the affected region. More help is needed. If you would like to participate go to or

The Chabad of Louisiana 2012 Raffle drawing is next week on November 15. For a chance to win $10,000, go to

For the sports fans in our midst, Kosher Sports Inc. has a Kosher cart at the Superdome for all Saints home games and the Superbowl. The cart is on the Concourse outside Section 543. For a menu, go to

Chabad of Metairie’s Rosh Chodesh Society for women kicks off on Thursday evening, Nov 15. For more info,

Chabad’s Chanukah program schedule will be released next week. If you would like to book the Olive Press Craft Workshop please contact [email protected].

Shabbat Shalom from NY
Rabbi Mendel Rivkin


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