Getting through the Summer Daze

Friday, 17 June, 2011 - 1:58 pm

As the summer rolls along and the most common greeting exchanged in town is “man is it hot!,” many of us are lulled into lazily plodding through the day while dreaming about late October and November. Frankly, it is hard to get pumped up about anything when the heat index reads 94 at 10 PM.

Still there are some exciting things going on at Chabad this summer that I would like to share with you. First of all the construction on Chabad Uptown’s Freret St. facility is coming along nicely. See the photos below (or at The spray foam insulation process is completed and the sheet rock is being installed. We have also begun painting the outside (you didn’t think we were going to leave it that yellowish-orange color?). We look forward to continued progress as we come closer to completion. Anyone interested in supporting the project is encouraged to contact Rabbi Zelig Rivkin – rab[email protected] – to learn about dedication opportunities.

In August we are bringing back two adult education programs – oldies but goodies! Project Talmud is returning to New Orleans in its original form. Two senior Yeshiva students, Yosef Rivkin and Levi Gerlitzki, will be joining the community from Sunday, August 14-Sunday, August 21. They will be offering a wide range of classes and learning opportunities. There will be daily study sessions, lunch & learn, nighttime classes and lectures, as well as a chance to spend quality time studying as a Chavruta (paired with a partner) with one of the Yeshiva students. We are still developing the program and the schedule. Any suggestions would be welcome. There are sponsorship opportunities as well. Following their week in New Orleans Yosef and Levi will be traveling around the state meeting Jews in smaller Jewish communities.

The second is the 5 part Hebrew Reading Crash Course – back by very popular demand – which will begin on Monday, August 15. Participants that take the course and the homework seriously are assured to come away with some degree of reading proficiency. Details to follow in the coming weeks.

Tonight we are hosting another edition of Friday Night Live for Young Jewish Professionals with a Shabbat dinner at our home. Email [email protected] for details or check out

Mazel Tov to Sarah & Ilan Fuchs and family upon the bris of their son Asher Tzvi. Much nachas from him and Dina!

Mazel Tov to Robyn & Mordechai (Marc) Lehrer in Israel upon the upcoming Upshernish of their son Yishai, and a special Mazel Tov to grandparents, Gila & Sam Lehrer of New Orleans.

I want to personally thank Mrs. Inge Elsas for her participation in our daughter’s graduation (see photos) and for her words of wisdom. She has been a good friend and source of inspiration to our family for many years.

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