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Passover Prep... for the Soul

Friday, 15 April, 2011 - 11:34 am

This week someone asked me why the Parsha speaks about the Yom Kippur temple service when the events mentioned there took place just before Pesach. I gave them the serious answer. But as I thought about it, I was reminded about the adage that introduces some humor into the hard work of Pesach preparation. "Dirt is not Chametz, the wife is not a slave, the children are not the sacrificial lamb, and the husband is not the goat sent to Azazel (during the Yom Kippur service)."

We work very hard on the pre-Pesach cleaning etc. When not balanced appropriately, it can come at the expense of properly experiencing what the holiday is about. The brings to mind a fascinating phenomenon that I was a part of for many years. The Rebbe's birthday is Nissan 11, just four days before Pesach. Every year the Rebbe would hold a Farbrengen on the night of Nisssan 11, lasting many hours. Despite the fact that is was crunch time for Pesach prep, Chassidim would come from all over the world to attend this special celebration and then return home immediately for Pesach.

How could they spare the time? Those hours or days were essential to last minute finishing up Pesach prep! Yet we all understood that through this Farbrengen, Pesach would be elevated to whole new level. There were new insights! New initiatives! New niggunim (songs)! One came home ready for Pesach in an entirely new way.

The message is, that spiritual Pesach cleaning, cooking and all other matters are equally important to ensuring that we have the Pesach we all wish for ourselves. 

This year, the Farbrengen from Nissan 11, 1982 was re-engineered, subtitles and explanations were added, and it was released in DVD format. Chabad of Louisiana will be showing this film on the 4th night of Passover, Thursday, April 21 @ 7 PM at Chabad of Metairie. While the Seder will have passed, it is a transformative opportunity not to be missed. Take Pesach to whole new level by joining us for this special viewing.

If you have not yet sold your Chametz for Pesach, the deadline is Sunday.  

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