G-d Works With NOLA Advanced Biomed to Save a Life

Thursday, 8 September, 2022 - 11:20 am

Did you know that New Orleans is home to one of only two Bio-Med labs in the country that offers highly advanced testing for a rare blood disease? Neither did I. It’s good to hear that we are at the top of some good lists! This week I heard a most amazing story of Divine Providence, which I would like to share with you.

Of course, we do not understand the ways of Hashem. Ideally, none of us should have to deal with an extreme medical challenge. However, for reasons that are, hitherto, unfathomable to us, sometimes people are destined to face a challenging situation. With the proper perspective, one can find immeasurable Divine Kindness within those challenges.

A couple was taking their teenage son on vacation for a few days. He wanted to come to New Orleans. It was not their first choice, but it was what he wanted. So off they went to NOLA. During the trip the mother started to feel sick. Upon arriving things were getting worse. So, the next day she went to the ER. After running labs, it seemed that she had a rare auto-immune blood disease. The trouble is that there are several types of this condition that appear similar, and only certain labs in the country have the capacity to do the sensitive testing to determine the difference. The treatment for one type can be fatal for the other. Thankfully a doctor at the hospital had significant expertise in recognizing the potential for the rarer type (4 in 1,000,000), and he held off treatment until the results of the testing came back.

New Orleans is home to one of two Bio-Med labs in the country that offers highly advanced testing for this rare blood disease. Had they gone on vacation elsewhere, they may have had to wait several days for results. That delay could have proved fatal, G-d forbid. Instead, results were back within hours and effective treatment began in a timely manner. By Divine Providence, their son insisted on a New Orleans vacation, thereby saving his mother’s life.

Malkie and I went to visit her, expecting to see someone who was in bad shape. Instead, we found a patient who was alert, upbeat, and very thankful for the miracles that she experienced. She was also very complimentary of the wonderful care she received here in New Orleans.

May Hashem bless her with a speedy continued recovery and many years of healthy long life together with her wonderful family.

May we be spared such challenges. But when faced with one, may we have the wisdom and faith to know that Hashem is looking out for us.

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Mendel Rivkin

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