Feeling Judged and Loving It!

Friday, 11 September, 2020 - 2:03 pm

One of the things that most people least appreciate is the feeling of being judged by another. In fact when a person or a group is deemed to be non-judgmental, that is a compliment of the highest order. So it is no wonder that some folks might be a bit uncomfortable with the notion of Rosh Hashanah being Yom Hadin - the Day of Judgement. Let me share why I think that rather than being uncomfortable with it, we should actually embrace it!

The problem with being judged by another is that the other doesn’t know our circumstances and is not aware of the state of our mind and heart. All they see is the external action and result. Furthermore, and maybe even more important, we cannot know for sure that the other loves us and wants what is best for us. Even if we are convinced that they do, that love and caring would rarely, if ever, be as powerful as the love we have for ourselves along with the ability to put our faults and shortcomings in context. So it is possible that even the judgement of a loving parent, a close relative or friend, can make us uncomfortable.

However, when the one judging us knows us even better than we know ourselves, and loves us far more that we are capable of loving ourselves, then we have nothing to worry about. Such judgement is solely for our benefit and can only bring superbly positive results.

King David echoes this sentiment in Psalm 27, which we recite twice daily during Elul and all though the holidays. He proclaims, “Though my father and mother have forsaken me, the L-rd has taken me in.” Even in a situation where the judgment of one’s own loving parents leave one with a sense of being forsaken, we know that “Hashem takes us in.”

So embrace the opportunity to be judged by the One Who loves you and knows you more than anyone out there including yourself. It can be a most rewarding experience.

May G-d grant each and every one of us a Shana Tova – a good and sweet year of health, prosperity, meaningful spiritual growth and nachas. May Hashem bless our world with healing and peace through the coming of Moshiach speedily.

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