Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort

The worldwide Chabad Lubavitch Movement mobilized in an unprecedented manner, utilizing the power of its network of thousands of centers around the globe, to aid the New Orleans Jewish community. Spurred by the burning love for their fellow Jews implanted within them by the Rebbe, Chabad rose to the occasion and helped thousands in a very real way. 

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The Story

There are many layers to this heroic story that will never be told because they occurred in an unassuming manner. We do attempt to share some of the highlights of the Chabad Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort.

Relive the event through the eyes of others

The blogs, diaries, letters, emails and articles provide a small glimpse into the tragedy that is Katrina and the amazing story of survival and renewal.

In the Media

The Hurricane Relief Effort was covered by every major and minor media outlet. We present a sampling from the hundreds of articles.

Photo Gallery 
Pictures tell the story

The photos in this gallery were collected from many cameras, cell phones and computers. See Chabad of Texas's website for more photos.

Live clips and Interviews

Jewish Educational Media (JEM) produced a masterpiece entitled ONE detailing the story of Chabad's response to Katrina and other Natural Disasters. See a trailer of this and other videos clips.