Tourist and Visitor Info
Welcome to the Big Easy! Chabad is happy to provide information and services to help make your stay in New Orleans more enjoyable.
Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!

Kosher Restaurants

There are several Kosher establishments in greater New Orleans, under the supervision of the Louisiana Kashrut Committee. (Pas Yisrael is available but must be requested.)

Kosher Cajun Deli and Grocery: Located at 3519 Severn Ave in Metairie. Phone 
504-888-2010 - Please note: Kosher Cajun closes at 7 pm each day. On Friday and Sunday they close at 3 pm. Please plan accordingly. Kosher Cajun will be open during Chol Hamoed Pesach.

Dvash Catering (catering & takeout): Located at 3747 W. Esplanade in Metairie. Phone 504-390-5560 - Please note: Advance orders only. There is no walk-in availability. 

Any other establishments claiming to be Kosher are not certified by the LKC. Please contact individual establishments directly to find out who certifies them.

For details on the LKC, contact LKC Kashrut administrator, Rabbi Yossie Nemes at 504-454-2910 or [email protected]. Or . 

For information about using the Women's Mikvah, located on site, please visit

For the address and access to the Men's Mikvah (which is a few blocks from Chabad House) please email [email protected].

Daily Minyan
There is a Minyan at Chabad House for Shachrit every weekday (M-F) at 7:00 AM.
Sunday morning Minyan at 8:00 AM. 
Daily Mincha/Maariv at 15 minutes before sunset.
Chabad House is located at 7037 Freret St.

Chabad of Metairie has a daily morning minyan at 7:00 am.
Sunday morning Minyan at 8:00 AM.
Daily Mincha/Maariv at 15 minutes before sunset. 
Chabad of Metairie is located at 4141 W. Esplanade Ave.

For sunset times: .
Please check out our
calendar to learn about scheduled events that are coming up during your visit .

The New Orleans Eruv

We are pleased to announce that after many years of effort, the New Orleans Eruv is complete. It is being overseen by Rabbi Yochanan Rivkin under the auspices of Anshe Sfard. Here is a link to the Eruv website, which includes a link to the map. As with any area of Halacha, a person should consult their Halachic authority before utilizing the New Orleans Eruv. See the Eruv website for more info

Please see the Eruv Facebook page for current status: 

Shabbat Minyan Schedule
We are now in our spring schedule. Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat is preceded by Mincha at candlelighting time. Please see our
homepage for this week's candlelighting times. For other Halachic zmanim for the week please check out our
calendar and click on the day you want learn about. Shabbat morning Shachrit begins at 10:00 AM. There is often a Kiddush after services. Shabbat Mincha/Maariv are b'zman.

Shabbat Accommodations Near Chabad in Uptown New Orleans
Chabad House is between 4-5 miles from the Downtown/French Quarter area.

Parkview Hotel is a boutique hotel near Chabad House, located on St. Charles Ave just a few minutes walk from the Shul. 888.533.0746. When booking please tell them that we referred you.

The Alder Hotel is 1.2 miles from Chabad House at 4545 Magnolia St. There is a Chabad 15% discount off of listed rate (with exceptions). Use and enter Chabad in the promo or call 888-626-5861 and use promo.  

There are a Best Western and a Hampton Inn about 2.4 miles from Chabad House on St. Charles Ave.

Airbnb or short term rentals in the Uptown/Carrollton area are also an option. You can use the Shul address is a starting point for proximity.

Another is an airbnb on the 600 block of Lowerline off St. Charles - Please tell them we referred you.

Another is an airbnb on St. Charles Ave near Pine St. -
Please tell them we referred you.

Should you wish to eat or stay with a family, please email us at least two weeks in advance - [email protected]. We would also appreciate if you would furnish a reference in order for us to accommodate you.

Chabad Metairie Info

If you would like to stay in Metairie for Shabbat, please contact Chabad there 504-454-2910 or [email protected]. There is a hotel (Sleep Inn) within relative walking distance (1.5 miles) of Chabad in Metairie.

Anshe Sfard (a shul closer to downtown) -

Community Links
Jewish Federation of New Orleans -
Jewish Community Center -

Louisiana Kashrut Committee -
Jewish Tour Guides:

Roni BossinThe Wandering Krewe Tours: Phone: 504-205-9381; WhatsApp: 972546341187; Email: [email protected]

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