Chabad is currently engaged in hands-on relief efforts on a massive scale to aid the thousands of Jewish men, women and children victimized and displaced by the Hurricane Katrina disaster. This vital aid is taking place on many levels, and is of both short and long term nature.

Please respond in any of the following ways:


Cash Donations.
This is the most pressing and urgent of all at this time!

We are backlogged with requests for relief and support that cannot be met without a major new influx of funds. This includes money for housing, food, clothing, vital necessities and even burial services. Our ability to provide assistance is limited by the funds enabling us to do so. Funds donated will go directly to providing the emergency allocations described on this site. Please click on “Contribute to Relief Effort” to make your secure on-line contribution. Your generosity will make a huge difference to so many lives in this time of crisis.

Living Quarters

If you own unoccupied residential real estate in any of the cities in proximity to the Gulf Coast, and are willing to allow displaced evacuees to take up temporary residence therein, please click on “Relief Offers” and fill in as much information as possible about your facilities in the box marked “Housing Availability”.


Host a Displaced Family

If you would like to open your home for a displaced family to come stay with you until such time as they regain their own footing, please click on “Relief Offers” and fill in as much information as possible in the box marked “Invite a Family”.  (Note: If travel to your home will incur expense, your offer should include willingness to underwrite the family’s travel expenses as well. Experience thus-far has shown reluctance on the part of many evacuees to relocate to areas of great distance from their former homes.)


Watch the Chabad Telethon

On Sunday, September 25, 2005, Chabad will be hosting a nine hour telethon of which special segments will be devoted to raising consciousness and funds for Chabad’s Hurricane Katrina relief effort. For further details or viewing information in your area, log on to