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  • Purim A ParisJoin us for the Grand Purim Feast! Purim party, fun for kids, Megillah reading, food and more!Read More
  • Purim Eve BashJoin us for a fun, family Purim party! Dress up, kids fun, food, interactive megillah reading and more!Read More
  • The Rise of HamanThe Megillah in DepthRead More
  • Will the Real Leader Please Stand Up?Chur, Aaron, Moses – Three Styles of LeadershipRead More
  • Read the Brief Purim GuideYour Printable 2015 Purim GuideRead More
  • When the Chassidic Rebbe Danced with the AntisemitesThe peasants were by this time a little drunk and had begun to curse the JewsRead More

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ChabadNewOrleans Blog posted on Feb 26, 2015 | 0 Comments
Four men were introducing themselves to each other at a cocktail party. “Name is Cole.” Second guy says “Kane.” The next one says “Kean.” “The fourth guy smiles at them and...
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ChabadNewOrleans Blog posted on Feb 20, 2015 | 0 Comments
For too many, Judaism is something in which children are involved. So after Bar or Bat Mitzvah (for some a few years after that) they kind drop out of or downgrade their religious participation. They often resume upon having a child of their own. Consider how we think about holidays like...
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